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Thursday, January 02, 2003  
Introduction to Weblogs

See below for a series of weblogs containing random reflections and thoughts.

All our experiences, insights, ideas and words are from a limited realization, and thus only of temporary and limited use. The world is always more than and different from our experiences of it. These blogs is an opportunity to explore my current experiences of the world, and then letting go and allow something else to come up. As Gandhi said, "only fools are consistent with themselves".
  1. Mystery of Existence
    Almost all current entries are here.

  2. Archive
    Pre-blog writings

    The following are currently inactive or infrequently posted to.

  3. Transdual View
    Reflections related to transduality, duality, and the integral approach

  4. Society & Ecology
    Reflections on society and ecology

  5. Design
    Reflections on building and ecological design

  6. Rants
    Rants mostly concerning the abysmal state of US culture and policies (discontinued for the time being as reality speaks clearly for itself these additional comments seem neccesary!).

    See also the initial weblog

I can be contacted at mysteryofexistence - at - (remove - at - and add @ sign)


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